Usage & Care Tips

Nails are quite sensitive. Products containing harsh chemicals or higher alcohol content; exposure to constant heat, extreme cold or humidity; repeated washing and so on, can weaken and dry up your nails. It can also make your nails brittle.

Here are a few tips that can help you to prevent nail damage and ensure proper nail care.

Nail the ‘nail polish’

The prep

Before applying nail polish, make sure to clean your nails and cuticles. You can also moisturize them and apply a base coat, which will help your polish to retain its color and avoid getting yellow nails when you have applied a nude color.

The base coat

The base coat typically protects your nails from the colour pigments of your polish. It also ensures better adhesion of the nail polish, which helps it to last longer! With the Colorsoul base coat collection, you can ensure superior protection for your nails.

The nail polish

Shake the bottle before use and while pulling out the brush, gently wipe off excess paint along the inside of the bottle neck. Move the brush across the centre of the nail from cuticle to tip, in one smooth motion, and then do the sides in a similar fashion. Apply 1 or 2 more coats to increase the richness of color and make it even. With Colorsoul’s gorgeous collection, your nails are on its way to become the centre of attraction.

The topcoat

Adding a topcoat is always a good idea, whether you do it right after applying nail polish or after two days. Doing so will ensure coverage of minor flaws and also provide an ultra-smooth protective film, making it extra glossy and neat! With the Colorsoul base coat collection, you can ensure superior protection for your nails.

Nail the ‘nail polish removers’

Always opt for removers that are formulated from ingredients that are safe for your nails, infused with natural vegetable oils and other mild constituents. Colorsoul nail polish removers are chemical-free, non-toxic & non-yellowing. These gentle removers help get rid of nail paints without harming the health of your nails.

Using the remover

Take a cotton pad and cut it into multiple pieces. Soak each piece with nail polish remover, place on each nail and tap it in. Leave it on for about a minute and then remove it while pressing down from base of the nail to the tip, and then the sides. If the nail color is heavily pigmented, then use a fresh cotton ball dabbed with the remover and remove the leftovers.

Removing semi-permanent nail polish

Please do not attempt to remove a semi-permanent nail polish at home. The removal of the same requires multiple steps which only a nail expert can handle. If you attempt to do it at home, the acetone stays in contact with nail and skin for at least 20 minutes and leads to dry out and weaken your nails.

Nail the ‘nail care’

Whether nail care means routine maintenance or self-care or an indulgence for you, here are a few tips on nail care for healthy and strong nails.

Hydrating your nails

Give your nails the care it deserves. Moisturize your nails and cuticles with the right cream / oil that keeps it hydrated and conditioned, and also promotes healthy nail growth.

Manicure & pedicure

Treat yourself to a manicure & pedicure at regular intervals to remove dead tissues and keep your nails in good shape.

Cuticle care

As you all know, cuticles are the most delicate part of our fingers. They get ruptured easily. Whenever you have a hanging skin or nail, always trim it gently. Do not bite or pick the cuticles.

Nail filing

Always remember to file your nails in one direction. File them slowly and gently, or else you will end up weakening your nails, leading to premature breakage. Start filing from one corner, coming to the center, and from there to the other corner. This is your holy grail to achieve a super smooth finish!Massage your cuticles with coconut oil or almond oil to nourish them.

Nail protection doing home chores

You may not be aware, but a lot of your detergents contain chemicals that cause great harm to your nails. Wearing gloves can help protect your nails and fingers while doing your routine household chores. Don’t forget to wash your gloves thoroughly before & after every use!