Our Soul & Essence

Colorsoul is a beauty & cosmetics brand that wants to make a difference rather than just coexist with a zillion other brands in the market. Our brand line speaks for who we are and what we are about - Beauty with a soul.

Yes, for us beauty is not just skin deep, but soul deep, going beyond the usual interpretations of fair or white skin, pink or red lips, glossy or healthy pink nail enamel, flawless complexion, smooth skin and such else.

At Colorsoul, we believe in inclusivity and diversity – with our products designed for anyone and everyone, cutting across regions, genders, religions, age groups, caste, creed or color.

The ‘soul’ in our name reflects the essence of both the brand and the inner beauty that shines through when you use Colorsoul products; that is, the confidence, courage, strength, resilience, positivity, happiness, compassion, kindness, creativity, contentment, self-belief, self-esteem and so on, that become our yardstick to measure how beautiful you really feel.

Because for us, beauty is an emotion and a feeling that resonates with what you truly are, and helps to radiate your personality and inner spirit, making you feel beautiful inside out.